Determine the DNS records of the site

DNS (English Domain Name System - a system of domain names) is a computer distributed system for obtaining information about domains. It is most often used to obtain an IP address by the host name (computer or device), receiving information about mail routing, serving nodes for protocols in the domain (SRV record). A distributed DNS database is maintained using a hierarchy of DNS servers that communicate over a specific protocol. The basis of DNS is the idea of ​​a hierarchical structure of a domain name and zones. Each server responsible for the name can delegate responsibility for the further part of the domain to another server (from the administrative point of view - to another organization or person), which makes it possible to assign responsibility for the relevance of information to the servers of various organizations (people) responsible only for "their" part domain name.   The purpose of this tool is to define DNS domain name records. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the core of the Internet. The DNS record is that it allows you to find any particular site, without DNS records, the provider will not know which server to forward your request to when you type the address in the browser line. You can find the DNS record on the server for any site using our tool. With any error in the DNS - records of the site, its work stops for a long time. The tool will get the most complete information on the specified domain name.


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